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Plaza Olavide, Calle Murillo 3. Madrid

An Island in Chamberí


Plaza Olavide, Calle Murillo 3.
Madrid 28010

An Island in Chamberí

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A lost culture

Long ago, an island resting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea stood as the point of connection between East and West. Araia was the name by which it was known.

The hedonistic spirit of its inhabitants made it a dream destination for other peoples. Being different, having a different skin color, speaking other languages, or sharing another worldview caused its cultural richness to grow like in no other nation.

That peace and harmony were completely destroyed after a great earthquake. This event not only erased the island from the map but also from memory. That's why we wanted to recover that lost culture and bring it back to life in our little corner of Madrid.

We hope that with its flavors, sounds, images, and textures, ARAIA will once again fill the hearts of those who tread upon it.


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