Before booking...

  • To ensure optimal organization of our service, reservations are subject to a Cancellation Policy. A charge of €20 per person will be applied if the reservation is canceled with less than 12 hours notice or if the party fails to show up.

  • IMPORTANT: The reservation will not be confirmed until credit card details are provided and the corresponding confirmation email is received.

  • Reservations on Friday and Saturday at 20:30 will have an hour and a half to enjoy the experience.

  • Please be punctual. After 15 minutes, the reservation will be considered canceled. 

  • Unused reservation time due to circumstances beyond the restaurant's control will not be replaced. 

  • Due to the limited capacity and layout of our dining area, we regret that we are unable to accommodate baby strollers or provide high chairs. Please note that we do not have a children's menu. We appreciate your understanding. 

  • If you have any allergies, please inform us in the appropriate section of the reservation form. RESERVATION

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